Kitten Names For Boys

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Kittens, like puppies and various other pets can quickly learn their names and recognize them any time they are called. Naming your kitten is therefore a fun and interesting thought. It also helps you communicate with your pet and enhances the relationship you have. Kitten names for boys are very popular. The list of names to choose from is inexhaustible and finding the perfect one for your kitten should not be a problem. However, not all names are fancy. It is thus only wise to give your pet a name that will express something about how you feel about them or even their unique traits.

List of names
Most kitten names for boys are short words derived from other popular male names that people have. Here is a brief description of some of the popular kitten names you can choose for your pet;
• Toby – Toby is a fanciful popular kitten name loved by many cat owners. The name is simple and easy to pronounce. The kitten will also easily recognize whenever they hear the name since it only contains two sounds. Toby is the short form of Tobias which is a common male name. Tobias is often used to refer to someone or something precious. Since kittens are clean precious companions, the name toby is quite befitting.

• Mikesch – This is another interesting kitten name for boys you can give your pet. Although it seems a little difficult to pronounce, that is not the case and the “c” is silent. Mikesch is not derived from any particular name but it contains a “mike” within the spelling which makes is a masculine name. It simply means fun loving and makes a perfect name for kittens that are playful.

• Milo – Milo is a popular name that is directly taken from the movie milo and Otis. Milo is the hero cat in the movie and while the name has no special meaning, it is simply a cute name for him. What’s more, it is easy to pronounce and sounds lovely.

• Leo – This is yet another common kitten name that you can give your pet. It is taken from the lion sign constellation of the stars. It is a perfect name for kittens that are furry and love to expand their paws or hunt smaller animals like birds and insects.

• Oliver – Many people have the name Oliver and it is a renowned noun with many iconic figures owning the name. It is also a cute name for your kitten which is why Disney’s animated movie Oliver used the name for a kitten.

• Garfield – This is another fancy name to name your boy kitten. It rolls off the tongue quite effortlessly and has been directly taken from the comic strip series Garfield where the name refers to a cunning cute cat.

There are many other kitten names for boys to consider. As aforementioned, the list is inexhaustible. Consider names like Blade, Tiger, Cassidy, Harley and Shimmy among others.For more boy cat names, check out our cat name generator:Kitten Names For Boys.When naming your kitten, find names that are easy to pronounce. It should be simple such that you can shout the name from a distant without struggling. What’s more, it should have some hidden meaning that is associated with the kitten’s unique characteristics and behavior.