Great Ideas for Boy Cat Names

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What’s a great idea for boy cat names? This is one area where you could get a little creative because things might get a little confusing if you just use popular names like “Jinx” or “Fluffy” or even “Sylvester” and then you take him to a cat lovers’ convention. You want something that’s pretty unique and might even come up with a name that just seems to fit your cat perfectly.

Many cat names are inspired by their personalities. Garfield might be a good name for a fat cat who looks like he would sass you at every turn if he could talk. Gatsby or Catsby could be a good name for a cat who needs to be the center of your social life every time you have company over. You could even choose Pharaoh for a cat who hasn’t forgotten that the Egyptians used to revere cats as the favored animal of their gods. A little kitten who already thinks he’s king material and just can’t wait to be king of the house could be called Simba. A clever little mercenary cat could be called Puss In Boots.

Other names are inspired by your cat’s appearance. Oreo, Domino and Sylvester are popular choices for a black and white cat. A pure black cat could be called Bagheera from the black panther in The Jungle Book. Casper is a popular name for a white cat. If you’re lucky enough to have a cat with extra toes, you could call him Hemingway because author Ernest Hemingway was known for, among other things, having cats with extra toes on their paws – a genetic variation known as polydactylism.

Your cat might have a unique ability that inspires a name. A cat known for his spectacular escapes could be called Houdini. Hoover is a good name for a cat who is good at finding scraps of food you didn’t know you dropped, while an outright thief might be called Bandit!

You could get pretty unique with your pet’s name. I’ve known cats called Rudy, Monet, and even a cat called Clydesdale because he loved to hang out with horses and was getting pretty good at riding them. If you’ve caught your cat getting into the ice cream more than once, Gelato might be a good name for him. You’ll know you’ve found the right name for your cat when he recognizes his name and comes when called.

As the Broadway musical “Cats” taught us, your boy cat’s name should be unique and fit your cat perfectly. He might even let you know when he just plain hates being called by a certain name, even if it’s just by completely ignoring you when you call him. Keep trying, though, because your cat can learn how to come when called, especially when he knows you have a yummy treat, a new toy or a fur brush for him. When you’ve got the perfect name for him, he won’t be embarrassed when you take him to the cat show to make new friends.

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