Good Ideas For Grey Cat Names

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Cats make ideal pets. They are loyal, friendly, playful and generally easy to take care of. They don’t need the same amount of attention or care that other animals such as dogs may need, but they are still loyal companions that can be great friends for life. However, much like naming a child can be a topic of great debate within the family, so too can be the process of naming a new kitten or cat. Do you go with a generic human name? Do you choose a name based on appearance or breed? What follows is hopefully a useful collection of names for those of you who have just introduced a grey haired cat into your family, and are struggling to agree on a name for your new companion.


First of all, why not consider Ash? A short and cute name, which is slightly humanoid but also signifies the colour of the cat by comparing it to the grey tone of ashes. It is also an unisex name, meaning it can be used for a male or female.


Similar to Ash, Phoenix represents the colour of ashes but is a slightly more exotic and beautiful name. A phoenix is said to rise again reborn from the ashes, so they say.


Another cute, short name, Ghost is usually reserved for creatures of a white colour. But personally I find it extremely fitting for a grey cat also, as it highlights its silver glow. What do you think?


A very unique and beautiful name, Layden is actually an Irish term meaning ‘grey lady’. So if your grey cat also happens to be a female, this could be a very interesting and effective choice, especially if you have Irish ancestry.


Mercury is a liquid metal, and is often noted for its silver colour and shiny appearance. Wouldn’t this make a great name for a silver haired feline? Alternatively, the element Mercury is also commonly known as quicksilver, another potentially great nickname.


Another adorable name; Dusty! Ideal if you have children, Dusty is a great name that signifies the cat’s grey coat, and is also fairly unique. Make sure that you keep the poor cat clean and tidy however, so that it doesn’t live up to its name!


Simple but cute, Pebble is a great name for a grey cat. Small and smooth, pebbles can be used to describe a clumsy cat that’s prone to slipping and falling!


If your cat has grey hair but also has white coloured feet, you’d be crazy not to take advantage and call it Frostbite!


A French name originating from the grey kitten in the Disney movie ‘The Aristocats’, this could be a brilliant choice if you have young Disney enthusiasts in the house!

Rocky (Rocky Racoon)

Finally, why not give Rocky Racoon a try? A famous Beatles song, this name could be a very accurate description of your cats appearance and also your love for The Beatles! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be called Rocky for short?

Even if none of these names have taken your fancy, hopefully you’ve come up with some ideas of your own that would be great to name your new grey haired cat. Besides, who wants a pet with a generic, boring name?

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