Top Cute Cat Names Of 2015

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Naming a cat is one of the most challenging things if you own one. Mostly, people name their cats based on different aspects. They can name them on the basis of the color, their characters, or where they got them from. Some can name their cat with regard to the season of their birth. Some cats will have human names, which could be as an inspiration of that particular person. A cat owner can also call their cat the name of their best friend. Some names are given to cats as a memorial of a particular person. Regardless of the basis of naming your cat, it is very important to consider the right name. There are also some cat owners that give their cat any of the popular names. That said, here is a look at the top cute cat names of 2015.
• Bella
Bella is a female cat name, and it ranks as the top name in 2015. The name is given to a cat that tends to be quiet and super cute. Mostly, cats named Bella will have grayish fur that makes them look super elegant. They are also not as playful as such.

• Oliver
This is the most popular male cat name, and it is also a classy name. It is a human name that can be given to a cat that is big and plays less. Olivers are naturally cute, and they are loved by female cats. This is also somewhat similar to humans.

• Angel
This is yet another common cat name, and it is mostly given to female cats. However, it can also be suitable for a male cat. It is given to a cat that is always good, easily lovable and kind even to strangers. It can also be given to a cat that helped the owner in a special way, especially in their first encounter.

• Skippy
This is a cute name that is also unique. Not so many people would call their cats Skippy. However, it is a nice name that you would give your cat if they love to jump on the sofa or if they are too playful. The name is also quite suitable for any cat, whether male or female.

• Jack
This name is also quite common among the male cats. It can be given to a cat that is mostly harsh to other male cats or dogs. Cats named Jack tend to be less playful, but they are also not the cats that will sit in one place for long. They will walk around, take a rest in the sun, come back in the house, stroll in the neighborhood, but they will not be as playful as such.

• Charlie
Another common male cat name that is given to cats that are super friendly to their owners and also, they are quite playful. When they are on their own, they will mostly just sit on the sofa, waiting for their owner to come.

Other common names include Sasha, Daisy, Leo, Milo, Cocoa, Luna, Lucy, Max, among others. Whichever name that you choose for your cat, ensure that it is suitable, and you should also understand the meaning.For more cute cat names, check out our cat name generator:Cute Cat Names