Good Ideas for Black Cat Names

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Cats are pets that are appealing to most people and you will find them in virtually every other home. The love for cats has caused many to adopt names for these pets as an identity for them. Black cats are some of those you are likely to come across and you can adopt a name to refer to them. There are some myths attached to black cats which are not necessarily true.

One such myth that may feature in the name given to a black cat is that they are sinister. Hence, one may tend to adopt a name that may tend to suggest this. Contrary to this, most cats are generally friendly and loving and this includes black cats. Others choose to use a name that is not connected to the color of these cats and it is always interesting when this approach is used.

Some of the good ideas for black cat names you may choose to adopt for your black cat depending on your preference include the following;

Nuit – this name was used in Egypt to refer to the goddess that was associated with the night sky.

Treacle – this is mostly used for black cats which appear to have a mixture of brown color in the sunlight. In Scottish this word refers to molasses.

Sheba – it is the name used to refer to the African Queen.

Sarrasine – this one refers to one that has a dark skin and is drawn from the word “Sarrasin” which is a French word.

Prieta – this means Blackie in Spanish.

Johnny Cash – this is the other name used to refer to cash.

Kieran Mael – this one means dark in Irish.

Talladega – refers to the Talladega race track which is black in color.

Tribly Pantera – one that trills in a constant nature and is covered in black color.

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Whichever name you opt for, it is important to remember that cats respond better to names with two syllables or shorter ones. There are black cats that have white color on the root of their hairs. The name that has been adopted for such by most people is “Smoke.” Those with a deep black color are commonly referred to as “Solid Black.”

These are some of the black cat names you may opt to use but are not in any way limited to these which means it is a matter of an individual’s choice of the name to use. So, the myths about black cats that may tend to cause them to be referred by a name that is rather whimsical is not true at all whichever way you may want to look at it.

Some have been driven by their perception about black cats in naming them which may be a negative perception. This ought not to be the case because they are just like any other friendly cats. To counter this, there are those that use such names as “Snowball” which is a name that is not connected to their color in any way.