Top cute cat names of 2016

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Are you planning to have a new cat this year? Do you already have a cute name of the cat? Many homeowners keeping cats often do not know the new cats that they can name their cats. However, with a guide, you will be able to make your choice whenever you need to name your cat. Here are the top 10 cute cat names of the year 2016:

  1. Saint

Your cat is pretties thing that you can ever have in your home. With saint as the name, you will treat your cat in the best way possible. The name is easy to master at the same time sounding more holy making it cute especially when looking for the available cute name options.

  1. Blake

Blake is another cute name for cats that you can choose this year. It is perfect especially if the voice of your cat sound unlike many others. You will definitely like the name when calling your cat in the house.

  1. Kogi

Kogi might sound weird, but it is a nice name that you would definitely call your cat. It is a little sweet at the same time a little spicy. Those people who have named their cats Kogi have always been happy when calling their cats in their homes.

  1. Caityln

If you have a playful cat, Caityln can be the best name for them. The name will definitely say a lot about their temperament. Does your cat know what they really are? With the name, you will portray the character of your cat when living together in the house.

  1. Nux

Nux is a name given to those cats that like speeding. It is also a top speed cat that has nine lives. However weird the cat name might sound, you will definitely understand be sure that your cat will have a unique sound.

  1. Fetty

What happened to other eye of your cat? Fetty is a cute name given to cats with unique eye. This will definitely makes them unique whenever you are calling them. You will definitely find joy when calling your cat Fetty in the house.

  1. Pabst

Pabst is a cute name given to all cats except those who have mustache. Your cat will also have a special feature that would make them unique especially when looking for an idea on how to love your cat.

  1. Kimchi

This Kimchi is a cute cat name that you can choose depending on the traits on your cat. In addition, it works well for those cats with extra playful characters. It sound unique in its own way.

  1. Chia

Your cat has a fluffy furball, Chia is the name that you should give them. The name also sound unique and simple to learn.

  1. Rousey

Rousey is a cute name given to a cat that never backs down. This means you will have an easy time calling your cat within the house. Rousey is a simple cute name to memorize.

In conclusion, the above are the top 10 cute cat names of the year 2016 that you can choose depending on the one that you like.