What to selecting a great girl cat name

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Naming your new girl cat is not an easy task and it definitely is a serious matter. Giving your pet a name that it will have forever is not something you should do emotionally or at the last minute, instead it is a complex process an owner has to embark upon especially with utmost diligence. In order for you to protect your cat from undue embarrassment for giving her a funny name and to shield yourself as well with the scorn from other cat owners, use the four simple tips we have compiled for you and guaranteed, you will be able to formulate the greatest cat name.

Tip Number 1: Get a long term perspective.

It is just like naming a human baby. You also have to consider the length of the name that you’re going to give to your new kitten. Lately, parents have been increasingly flippant when it comes to taking a long-term outlook, naming the kids “Lucifer”, or “Talitha” and the like. They actually think they are saluting a sub-culture of some sort or they think it is funny but in the case with cats, the owner should take it more seriously. Your cat is infinitely much more social than humans as they wander all over the neighborhood at night and making noises the whole time, so just think about your cat’s feelings! Their name is important to them as well!

Tip Number 2: Do not be ironic and name them with their color.

There are cat owners that since they got a black kitten, they think the cat deserves to have the name “black” or worse, name them with a black-sounding name like “Laquisha.” Never be consumed into the dark side and think that since your cat is ginger, you should name her “Greenie.” Just think about what this will do to your cat’s self-esteem!

Tip Number 3: Research on the history of your chosen name before applying it.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to realize that you actually named your feminine cat after an ancient Hebrew word that means “poo” or the like? It is crucial that you undergo a thorough examination with the etymology of your chosen name even before applying it unto your cat. As we all know, cats are smart creatures and you would never figure out what they will learn – most especially as they go roaming at night.

Tip Number 4: Be creative.

I am referring to those people in particular who like naming their cats “cat” and dogs “dog”. There are a lot of surveys being done all over the world and it shows every single time that one of the most popular names for cats is “cat”. That is completely unacceptable because if you cant find a proper name for your cat or take the time in thinking about one then you don’t deserve to be called a cat owner after all. Giving your cat a proper name is a way of giving her a compliment because you took time in making it up.

Just like with everything else, preparation always prevents poor performance. Remember this and put in an effort in naming your cat just like how you would with a human baby. Your cat will surely thank you for the gesture.